About Us

Imagine. Create. Inspire.

DIYvinci was founded by Jennifer Parr, a late-diagnosed autistic adult with ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, and an anxiety disorder. Jennifer has always felt a strong draw towards creativity, and has used it as a way to cope with struggles and learn more about her inner self.

Throughout her life, Jennifer found that her natural creativity helped her to feel alive and connect with the world around her. However, she also found that many people around her felt unable to tap into their own creativity and express themselves through art.

In her professional life, co-workers would often admire Jennifer’s creative skills and passion, but express feelings of inadequacy in their own abilities. Many people believed that creativity was something you were born with, and that they simply did not possess the necessary talent or skills to create art.

Jennifer wanted to change this perception and empower people of all skill levels to discover their innate creativity and express themselves through art. To do this, she began developing step-by-step craft kits that would guide even the most inexperienced artists through the process of creating something beautiful.
From this initial idea, DIYvinci was born. Today, DIYvinci is more than just a company that produces beautiful art and craft projects; it is a movement that aims to help people improve their well-being, connect with others, and tap into the transformative power of creativity.